Fellowship Review Documents

Men's Experience, Strength, and Hope

Nar-Anon is in need of literature for men and we want you. The CCR Literature Committee has gathered questions for a simple, short interview.  We honor you and hope that all men in the CCR will eagerly participate in this process to share their experience, strength and hope. By phone, in person, Skype or email whatever is best for you. Your name will remain anonymous.

For more information or to participate, contact LitCom@NarAnonCentralCA.org.

Guide to Regional Services

You are invited to participate in the review of the draft Central California Region (CCR) Guide to Regional Services (GRS). This review is open to all members, especially Group Service Representatives (GSRs). We will be meeting on Skype from 6:00 to 7:00 PM every Monday starting September 12 through November or completion. The goal is for groups to adopt the document at the January 2017 assembly in Atascadero.

Your participation is vital to the conscience of the region on this historic document. The GRS, though amendable, will be the guide by which the region serves the groups going forward. Please find a link to the draft document below.

Members who would like to participate via Skype should 1) setup of a free Skype account, 2) add ScottFromSB to your Skype contacts (be sure to mention Nar-Anon in the message), and 3) send an email to Chair@NarAnonCentralCA.org to let me know of your intention to participate via Skype. On the evening of the meeting login to Skype no later than five (5) minutes prior to the start time and wait for me to add you to the call.