Take Back to Meeting Announcements

Group Service Representatives, this is the "Take Back to Meetings" announcements for you make in your meetings. You may choose to spread the announcements over several meetings. Some items may better be addressed in your business meetings. This communication is a result of a meeting of your Central California Region Service committee consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Service Chairs and your Delegate.

Budget and Finance Documents

Assembly Minutes

The Central California Region holds two assemblies each year. Assemblies are attended by members of the RSC, Group Service Representatives, and all interested members.


This document contains a list of all assembly motions and their disposition. The document is updated periodically. Please refer to the posting date which should match the "printed date" in the footer of the document.

Regional Service Committee (RSC) Minutes

The Central California Region holds two RSC meetings each year. RCS meetings are attended by RSC members, and all interested members. RSC meetings are usually held via internet conference call.