Regional Documents

  • CCR Guide to Regional Services (PDF 605KB)
    The Nar-Anon Central California Region Guide to Regional Services was unanimously adopted in its current form at the elections assembly of July 14, 2018.


The Central California Outreach Subcommittee offers the following resources to assist members in carrying the message through outreach efforts. The Outreach committee can be contacted at


  • Guide to Local Services (PDF)
    All groups are strongly urged to have a copy of the Guide to Local Services (GLS) available at meetings. Part of a GSR's responsibilities is to be familiar with the GLS. This document is linked from the World Service website.
  • Guide to World Services (PDF)
    The Nar-Anon Family Groups Guide to World Services (GWS) provides information, explanation, and description of the Nar-Anon world services' structure and system. Members of Nar-Anon who volunteer, or who are interested in volunteering, to be trusted servants at the world service level will find this guide an invaluable tool in giving back to the program for the peace and serenity they have received. This document is linked from the World Service website.


  • Group Contribution Form (PDF)
    Use this form when sending group donations to the Central California Region (CCR) or the World Service Office (WSO). You may download, complete, print and send it in. Instructions and the mailing address are on the form. Form updated January 29, 2016.
  • Group Service Representative Registration Form (PDF)
    This form is necessary for all Group Service Representatives and Alternate Group Service Representatives to complete in order to be a voting member of the Regional Assembly. Every GSR and Alternate GSR must re-register at the first Assembly each year in order to keep their status as a voting member. You may open this PDF, fill it out, and then print, sign and bring to the Regional Assembly.
  • GSR Substitution Form (PDF)
    Use this form to appoint a substitute GSR or Alternate GSR for your meeting in case the appointed trusted servant cannot make the Assembly.
  • Nar-Anon Literature Order Form
    Download the form, print it, complete it, and send it into the World Service Office.
  • Assembly Sign-in Sheet (PDF)
    Print this form for the day of the Assembly so attendees can sign-in.
  • Checklist for Outreach Booth (PDF)
    Use this for as a checklist when you organize an outreach event.